Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February card kit by mail SNEAK PEEK

This month's kits are being packaged and ready to ship tomorrow!

Here's a sneak peek ...
I've recently changed my kit set up and they are ALL pre-stamped now.  Before, I was offering both pre-stamped and "with stamps".  It made my life confusing trying to keep track of who ordered which and trying to put the right amount of each type together... stamp orders not arriving on time etc.

SO... they are all pre-stamped and this month went very smooth!

Each month I design 4 cards using the chosen stamp set and for February I used this set:
Selling only pre-stamped kits allows much more freedom so I also used these sets:
Floral Banner:
And I used this set: Hexagon Patterns
I used a LOT of watercolors and CTMH watercolor paper
Here is the sneak peek of all 4 cards:
The butterfly below is purple but you can't really tell in the photo.

This is one of my favorite card kits of the past few months. 
So... it's time to pre-order the March kit!
In March the focus stamp set will be:  Springtime Critters
Pre-order your card kit here:  (March kits ship approximately the first full week of March)

March. kit by mail

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Stamp of the mOnth- Balloon Animals

This month's fun stamp of the month set is GREAT for celebrations:  birthdays, carnivals, county fair pages etc... 

Our stamp of the month set sells for $17.95 but you can get it for only $5 with a $50 purchase!

Click here to go to my site for more details.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kids Valentine Card and printable

It's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day and school parties...

I was perusing pinterest this morning and found a REALLY adorable card that I just knew I could re-create using the  CTMH Artistry cricut cartridge.  My plan to design a card in 20 minutes worked... sort of.

I started by finding this light bulb and sort of "heart shaped" light bulb filament:
I cut a 3x4 white rectangle.  I cut the light bulb in Canary Yellow at 2 1/4 inch.  I cut the filament in Cranberry at the same size.
I stuck them to my paper.  It looked so boring I didn't even take a photo.
I drew a black box around it.  It was slightly better. 
I wanted it to say "you light up my life"
Couldn't find a stamp.  Thought about printing it out and adhering it down with adhesive.  That sounded time consuming and not as pretty as what I'd hoped for.
THEN..I did this:
I designed a printable with everything I wanted.... INCLUDING space for my die cut light bulbs!!!
You can download the FREE printable by clicking here.  You'll print it on 8.5x11 white cardstock.
The card outline prints in blue and the other lines are black.  SO cut along the blue lines.  If you have the fiskers trimmer that CTMH carries (click here to see it) then it has a wire along the blade.  Just line the wire up over the blue line and you'll get great cuts.
Add your die cuts!!  See how cute it is!!
I finished this in about 30 minutes start to finish since I had started doing a lot by hand before designing the printable.  THEN-  I needed to go shopping to find something to attach to it.  3 hours later I arrived home with 32 glow bracelets, and some groceries ;)
See the glowing sticks?  All that running around and my son cracked the bracelets and started the glow...  3 weeks or so before Valentine's Day.  Good thing I only put these 2 together so far!
Where to find glow sticks:
I bought the bracelet size at Dollar Tree 8 in a pack for $1
If you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby or need a lot... you can get them on Amazon... 100 for $8.49 with free shipping for prime members.  It's a pretty good deal and you save on gas.