Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Out of this World Birthday Party

I am so excited to share the second installment of my "party planning" posts.  I created a fun "outer space" themed birthday party with the Cricut Artiste cartridge.

Here is a fun banner and invitation that I created.

Colors: invitation: Thistle, Lagoon, Canary, Black
Banner: sunset, Thistle, Canary
Image sizing:  Invitation was about 3 1/4 inch.  Stars: 2 at 1/2 inch and 1 at 3/4 inch.  Alien at 3/4 inch.  You're Invited:  about 1 1/4 inch.
Banner sizing:  planet and stars at 3 inches.  spaceship was 2 1/2 inch. 
Party Game:
I cut the planet in Lagoon at "fit to page" so it was the largest size I could possibly cut from 12x12 paper.
I cut the alient shape in 1 1/4 inch in multiple colors.  I traced one in the center of my planet.
Stars were cut at 2.5 inches. 
I stuck the planet and stars in place.  At the party, blindfold guests and play "pin the alien on the planet".  Whomever adheres their alien closest to the outline wins!
I found this fun purple frosting and star sprinkles at the local grocery store.  I also bought pre-made sugar cookies from the bakery.  That saved a LOT of time by not baking and mixing my own frosting. 
I trimmed black cardstock 1/4 inch by 4 inches.  Fold in half and trim the ends into dovetail notches s(see my "how to" at the bottom of post)
I cut multiple rockets, planets, aliens etc from multiple colors.  I glued the black folded flags to toothpicks.  I adhered the space shapes to the black flags- stuck them in cookies.  How easy is that!
Preserving your memories:
Make sure to take lots of photos during the party and preserve them in an album. My son is already asking me to save all of these party items for his birthday next May!  I guess he totally loved the idea.
Here's how to cut a dovetail notch:
Hope you enjoyed this month's Party Plan Post!
Here is a link to the cricut Artiste Collection
Click this link to go to the collection page- scroll about half way down to see all of the images index pages for Artiste.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cricut Artistry by close To My Heart

I am really loving our new Cricut Collection.  I've made a few things I am not able to share yet but wanted you to see all the great images on the set. 

I've uploaded the Image Index to google drive.

Here is the link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5a0PEHHQVh1TnY3cHN2d1cwbU0/view?usp=sharing

In the meantime...

Here's what is included in the collection:  YES you still get a full size image book and rubber keypad!  Also included are 3 exclusive stamp sets AND a 24 pack of cardstock.

Here's a fun card CTMH created with this cartridge.  There are 700 images on this one, just like all of our other cartridges.  All 700 are completely different from anything on the others,
Along with basic images there are some GREAT background images. 
Here's a card I shared already but thought I'd add to the post-  I used Artistry to cut the florally background.  I just added some fun, retired paper flowers to decorate, but you could also use cricut-cut flowers as well.
Then there's the rainbow card I created for my August classes:
The rainbow cuts pair nicely with the Rain or Shine stamps.  (I've already posted this card but thought It made sense to add it to the post with the Image Index)
Grab your own Cricut Artistry HERE
We have a digital edition as well as a cartridge format.  You do save $20 with the digital format but I opted to go with the cartridge format for one major reason...  I travel with my cricut a LOT and don't always have access to wifi.  While it's common in many hotels and businesses for free- crops that take place in expo centers, church halls etc don't always have free wifi.  Since I use my CTMH cartridges ALL THE TIME- I felt it was critical that I have the real cartridge.  I have both a cricut Expressions and cricut Explore so I'm free to use whichever version I need for the location I'm at.
If you don't have that issue- the digital version might work best for you!  Order the digital version and you'll still receive the packet with the keypad, booklet, cardstock and stamps.  Your "code" for the collection will be in your packet to link your digital cartridge to your account.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

CTMH August Stamp of the Month : Framed

This month's stamp of the month is a fun set called "Framed"

There are just enough shapes and labels to create some great packaging for birthdays, holidays and "just because" days.


Our Stamp of the Month sets are $17.95 or only $5 with a purchase of $50 or more.

Here's the complete set:

You can see more details by clicking here.