Friday, August 22, 2014

Mini album class- rescheduled

The mini album class I previously posted for August... was rescheduled for September 13th!

$30 includes supplies and snacks.  WE'll work together to assemble.
Sign up with a friend (8+ in age) for $25 each.

INFO:  Sat. Sept 13  at 9am
Richland community room

Not local to SW MICHIGAN?  email me regarding kits by mail

Studio J custom layouts... step by step instructions.

CAUTION:  It's wordy but if you are interested in digital scrapbooking AT ALL... please read through! 

OOH! I woke up to the jpegs in my inbox, so I'm launching my studio J initiative ONE DAY EARLY! 

For those of you that don't know...  We have an online Studio J scrapbooking program.  I LOVE it and have used it for all the customer PML kits I've released this summer (More to come on that!)  I have a few customers that use it from time to time and YES they all scrapbook traditionally but see value in getting a few layouts done quick to catch up... I do this as well.

 It doesn't REPLACE my paper, just an additional way to add to my books.  Studio J is FREE to use.  They add new content, new papers, etc.  You can play all you want and only pay when you want them to print your project.  I've decided to make it SUPER easy to design your layouts.  Beginning now, I'll release my own Studio J layout and step by step instructions every few weeks..  If you need a 1-1 lesson, and live within SW Michigan or the St. Clair County area, I am happy to schedule a date to sit with you.

Money details:
1) Studio J 2-page processed layouts are $6.95
2) note I said processed, not printed.  These layouts are processed using silver halide technology- warranting them 100-year archival quality (can you get that from snapfish?  not really)
3)  Minimum order of 4 layouts (2-pages equal a layout... so 4 layouts is 8 pages) to place an order.
4) shipping is a flat amount (I think $5.95) for up to 40 or so pages ( I might be off a little but it's quite a bit)

If you place a studio J order on my site, and add it to the Mystery Hostess party at checkout, you qualify for a chance at earning FREE PRODUCT ( and yes you can earn free Studio J Layouts!)

So... If you've read all that, and are still interested, here is the layout I am showing this time.  YES it says London, but the beauty is, You can change it to whatever you want! 
I have typed up step-by step instructions for this layout.  I am happy to SHARE.  Send me an email ( click here) with "London instructions" in the subject line and I will forward them to you. 
Just a note:  This kit also contains imagery for OTHER locations:  Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty etc.  You can also leave out those images and include more generalized imagery such as the suitcases.  Don't limit your self to thinking ONLY of London.  Anyone that travels could use this layout :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Still time to Picture your life in a great deal! { Close To My heart in SW Michigan}

In August CTMH has a great deal for PML purchases!  Purchase any one kit and add your choice from 8 memory protector packs for only $3.

PML stands for Picture My Life and it RESEMBLES Project Life in some ways.  PML kits have well over 100 cards in 3x4 and 4x6 sizes.  (2 each of the 4x6 and 3 each of the 3x4)  Nice cardstock quality with double sided printing (so double the designs!).  Each pack also comes with a 12x12 title page and 10 assorted memory protectors in the CTMH patented style

Below are the 4 BRAND NEW Picture my life sets:    Click here to see all sets available. (13 total)

Want to take advantage of this month's special?  When you add a PML kit to your cart- you will be able to choose a 10 pack of Memory protectors (Regular $9.95) for $3.
click here to see options ( do NOT add these to your card until prompted so you get the $3 pricing... you will choose a 10pack top load (12x12 side load protectors do not qualify)
These cards are also great for traditional layouts and cards!  Here's a card  I used one on:
Ready to order?  Just go to my site by clicking here.  Click to join the Mystery Hostess party at checkout and you might just win some free product when the party closes!